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Allied Restoration Contractors is an established local roofing company that serves Oak Forest Illinois and nearby areas. With our main office located at 16555 Oak Park Ave B, Tinley Park, IL 60477, Oak Forest is just a short drive away! If you live in Oak Forest and need a roof inspection or roof replacement, give Allied Restoration Contractors a call.

  • Warranties up to 50 Years
  • Licensed, Insured, and Bonded
  • Local to Tinley Park
  • 13 Years in Business
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About Our Roofing Company

With 23 years of experience under his belt, the owner, George, is personally involved with every roofing project we do. Allied Restoration Contractors is for homeowners who want the attention to detail, the dedication in handling insurance claims, and the level of communication that comes from a reputable roofing company. From the demolition, to the clean up, to staying on top of your insurance company - George and his family strive to deliver an exceptional experience every step of the way!

Our Core Values


We make it a point to communicate the facts to our customers. Rather than turn a blind eye to any issues we find when we begin working on your roof, we'll simply give you the straight up facts and let you decide for yourselves.


Sometimes claims get denied on the first try, which is why we work hard on behalf of our customers when facing insurance companies to get the maximum claim for your roof, and make sure the insurance company does right by you.


We're here to take your calls and listen to your needs and concerned. We place a premium on making sure we're easy to get ahold of and here to help you with any issues and concerns you may have.

Roofing Services in Oak Forest, Illinois

Allied Restoration Contractors offers roofing services to homeowners in Oak Forest and surrounding areas. If you’re thinking of replacing your roof, here is the process we follow to ensure a job well done:

Roof Replacement Process

Step 1. Roof Damage Assessment

We start by getting an accurate assessment of how damaged your roof is. Sometimes, a roof leak (one caused by nail pops for example) can be fixed by a cheap and quick repair. For more seriously damaged roofs that have rot, are sagging, or have other major issues, we will recommend a replacement. 

Step 2. Help You Select Materials

What materials do you want to use for your new roof? One great option that is both economical and beautiful is architectural shingles. However, if you want to go with a high end option, like premium designer shingles, or cedar shake, we’ve got you covered! 

Step 3. Tear Off Old Roofing Materials

On our scheduled day to replace your roof, we’ll begin by tearing off the old shingles, flashing, and underlayment. When we get down to the bare roof decking (the base layer of plywood or OSB) we will assess its condition. If it’s in relatively good condition, we can install the new roof materials right on the existing decking. However, if the decking is significantly damaged, we will need to replace the decking as well.

Step 4. Install New Roof Materials

We will carefully install the new roofing materials, including:

  • Underlayment
  • Ice & Water Shield
  • Shingles or Cedar Shake
  • Flashing
  • Vents
  • New Gutters & Gutter Apron (if needed)

Step 5. Clean Up

Leaving our customers with a clean job site is very important to us. So, once we’ve installed your brand new roof, we’ll begin the cleaning up process. We’ll take away our dumpsters and excess materials, and clean up any debris. We will also run over your lawn with roller magnets to collect any stray nails that may have fallen.

Making Your Roof Last

Here are two things we do to help you get good performance out of your roof and make it last a long time.

1. Use Quality Materials

Roofs can only be as good as the quality of materials that make them up. That’s why we use excellent roofing material manufacturers like GAF, CertainTeed, and Owens Corning. 

2. Provide Careful Material Installation

Materials need to be installed with precision in order to reach maximum performance. We use certified contractors to install the materials, and we also hold certifications with the roofing manufacturers previously mentioned for quality workmanship.

Typical Roof Replacement Costs

Are you wondering what your roof replacement will cost? Most of our new roof replacements are somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000. Here are some items we consider when calculating the cost:

Roof Size

The larger your roof, the more time and materials will be required to complete it.

Roof Steepness (Pitch)

Steep roofs aren’t as easy or as safe to install as less steep ones. To work on steep roofs, there are extra safety precautions we need to take, which bogs the project done. This in turn increases the cost as well.

Number of Roof Facets

Roof facets are the individual slopes that make up a roof. If you extend your fingers and hold your hands so that the tips of your fingers touch (except your thumbs), you’ll make the shape of a simple gable roof with two slopes. 

More complicated roofs have more facets/slopes. This results in more time to install the roofing materials, and more material waste. This increases the cost as well.

How Many Stories Your Home Is

Taller homes take quite a bit more effort to work on and are more risky. If your home is 2-3 stories, you can expect to pay more than if your home is only 1 story.

Chosen Materials

Most homeowners we work with choose architectural shingles, which are both an economic and beautiful option. However, if you opt for premium designer shingles or cedar shake shingles, this will obviously impact the cost of the roof.

Summary of Typical Roof Costs

In summary, simple, smaller roofs on 1 story homes will be closer to the $10,000 price point. Large complex roofs, on taller homes, will be closer to the $20,000 price point. To get an exact quote, please give us a call and schedule an inspection.

What Customers Are Saying

If you need a new roof, you should call ARC. George (the owner) made the whole process so much easier for us. Any project is stressful enough so I appreciated his hard work. We ended up filing a claim with our home owners insurance, as we had some storm damage. He worked with the insurance adjusters to make sure we were taken care of. And dealt with things I didn’t understand. He is very knowledgeable as he has been doing this for many years. I was stressed about picking out the right roof color (I didn’t care for the old roof) and he took that concern seriously and helped by showing us other houses he had worked on recently. We chose the perfect color! We also had a special order skylight that was being replaced and George measured a few times to make sure it was accurate and made sure the right skylight was installed. The work was done quickly and stress free thanks to George.

Amanda Leithleiter

Great company!  George and his team were fantastic.  They handled everything from getting the work approved through my insurance and then quickly getting the job scheduled and completed.  Hassle-free experience with ARC.  Thanks

John S.

I recently used Allied Restoration Contractors for siding installation and gutter/soffit/fascia replacement. I am very satisfied with the product and service received. Everyone is very nice and responsive. The workmanship is A+. I really appreciate the attention I received from George, in helping me make the right decisions for my home. I have already recommended the company to others and will continue to do so. I’ll definitely reach out again for my next home project.

Christine Williams

Types of Roofs We Install

Standard Shingles

We offer a variety of standard shingle styles for maximum water resistance, durability, and budget-friendliness. There are a variety of different styles and colors available for you to choose from. The right color can add flourish and curb appeal to your home. The vast majority of Illinois homeowners choose shingle roofs, and most standard asphalt shingles last between 15-30 years.

Premium Designer Shingles

We offer a premium selection of designer shingles for homeowners who are looking for something with a little more glamor. The cost for luxury designer shingles is higher. However, typically designer shingles are thicker, which means some of the cost is recouped due to higher durability and a longer-lasting roof.

Cedar Shake

Cedar shake roofs serve the same function as asphalt roofs, but are made of natural cedar materials, giving the roof a more traditional and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Typically cedar roofs last between 30-50 years with proper maintenance. If you have the budget, cedar roofs are a beautiful option!

A close up picture of a facet of a standard shingle roof

Standard Shingles

For homeowners on a budget, we install standard, high-quality asphalt shingles from GAF, CertainTeed, or Owens Corning.

A close up of a couple rows of high-end designer shingles

Designer Shingles

Make a statement and go for a more distinguished look with high-end designer shingles.

A close up picture of cedar shake shingles from an angle

Cedar Shake

For a classic, beautiful look, we install cedar shake shingles.

Roofing Services We Offer

A picture of a roofer with a hardhat on top of a roof holding a clipboard and examining the roof

Roof Inspections

We offer thorough roof inspections so you can know whether your damaged roof needs to be repaired or replaced. We check for leaks, sagging, discoloration on roof decking, and more to find out the condition of your roof.

A roof that is in the process of shingle installation where one facet of the roof is still bare roof decking

Roof Replacements

We specialize in roof replacements. If you need your roof replaced, Allied Restoration Contractors is a great option. Each replacement we do is personally supervised by the owner, George Musa. Learn more about our process here.

A picture of a public adjuster on ladder looking at the gutters performing a roof inspection

Public Adjuster Services

Insurance companies can be tough to work with, and managing claims requires a lot of back and forth communication. We work tirelessly and relentlessly on your behalf to see that you are paid out the maximum amount for your roofing claim.

Signs it Might Be Time to Replace Your Roof

Here are the biggest warning signs it's time to replace your roof:

1. Attic Leak

You can often spot a leak in your attic by what looks like coffee stains on the top floor of your home. This is water that leaks from the ceiling and usually becomes discolored with a brownish hue. Alternatively, you can head up into your attic and see if you spot any visible leaks. But be careful not to fall through the insulation, as not all attics are designed to be walked in. If your roof has a leak, you should get a roof inspection right away. You'll either need to replace your roof or have the leak patched with a simple repair.

2. Sagging Roof

As roofs age and the roof decking becomes less sound, they can begin to sag. This is a sign that your roof is very warn and may need to be replaced soon. If unsound roofs are left unattended for long enough, leaks can form and cause even more damage to the interior of your home.

3. Recent Hail Storm

Even if a hail storm doesn't cause an immediate leak, they can cause other damage that 's less apparent. For example, they can knock granules off of your roof shingles, leading to your shingles deteriorating more quickly. Unless it's a very minor hail storm with tiny bits of hail, calling out a roofer after a hail storm for an inspection is a good precaution to take.

If you want to be more thorough, here are 16 Warning Signs Your Illinois Roof Needs an Inspection.

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